Welcome to the Schadnerhof

Deutschnofen (Nova Ponente) lies on the Reggelberger High Plateau south-east of Bozen (Bolzano). The Schadnerhof is situated where the plateau converges into the Etsch valley (Val d’Adige). This area is an ancient settlement site, as the nearby remains of a settlement dating back to the early Bronze Age prove.
In writings the Schadnerhof was mentioned for the first time in 1353, but the origins go back much further. Animal farming, agriculture and forestry have been the most important trades since the beginning. The meadows surrounding the farm provide food for the cows and calves; from the extended forest (mainly spruce trees, fir trees, pine trees and larch trees) we get tree logs and firewood for our heating and interior design. In the house garden and in the vegetable fields we grow crunchy salads and healthy vegetables for our own use.

The house is about 150 years old and has thick walls of porphyry stone and ceilings made out of wooden beams. In the course of the last decades it has been renovated and brought up to modern standards, whereby great importance was given to keep its original character. In the 1960s “Holiday on a farm” was added.
Today the Schadnerhof is a “closed farm” which means it must be passed on as one unit.