Goodies from the Farm

From the gardens and fields of our farm: delectation on vacation

Farm products have a long tradition in South Tyrol. In the past, a mountain farm located at high altitude needed to be self-sufficient: over the course of the centuries, this nescessity had led to the development of real expertise.

As a result many farm products are processed not only in harmony with nature but also through using traditional Tyrolean craftsmanship. Most importantly, however they are produced in an environmentally friendly way. This requires a lot of time and much more effort, but one can taste the difference. Food produced on our farm is natural. All our vegetables and fruits are grown slowly and without chemicals and ripened by the sun. This makes our food not only healthy, but also authentic.

Our quality products include many kinds of vegetables, salads, jams, meat, bacon, liqueurs, herbs and mushrooms, dairy products, honey, eggs, bread and much more.
On our farm you can enjoy a wide variety of authentic, healthy and- most importantly- yummy specialities!