Our Cuisine: Fresh, Tasty, Healthy

Good Food Starts with Quality Products!

Every day we fetch from the farm, garden and forest fresh products to refine them in the kitchen in order to create truly healthy and great tasting food.
This is the way we practice gastronomy, and we are especially proud of it!
Vegetables, salads, berries, meat, fruit, dairy products, honey; everything we eat and appreciate ourselves we also offer our guests.

With much enthusiasm and imagination for new creations we put the menus together.

That which ripens in the summer in the abundance of the sun we preserve for the winter through freezing, bottling, drying and storing in our cellar.

We are convinced that in the winter, these products still taste better and are healthier than industrial products from the supermarkets.
But not everything is growing at almost 1,400 meters above sea level. Therefore,we also have to buy products, but always with the aim to purchase products as natural and sustainable as possible.

The fact that we can use for our cuisine the products from our farm gives us the chance to cook fantastic and special food for our guests.